We had something. That kiss was magic.: A review of Snow Falling

“I’ll see you tomorrow and then everyday for the rest of our lives.”

— Michael Cordero Jr., Jane the Virgin

As a long-time fan of The CW’s Jane the Virgin, when I found out they had made Jane’s book a reality, I cried a little bit.

Jane and Michael are my all-time favorite fictional couple and seeing their love story again made my heart melt. It was hard to review this book based on how strongly I felt about the couple and the show, but here are my final thoughts…

Snow Falling by Jane Gloriana Villanueva (ghostwritten by Caridad Piñeiro) was an absolutely lovely love story. It is a historical romance that takes place in 1902 and follows the story of Josephine Galena Valencia. Josephine is newly engaged to detective Martin Cadden and has larger than life dreams for her future. That is until the attractive, captivating Rake Solvino reappears in her life. In a night fueled by champagne and heartbreak, Josephine and Rake partake in an indiscretion that results in a huge life complication. While dealing with this complication, Josephine must decide who she truly loves. Her dear Martin or the dashing Rake?

This book is a retelling of Jane and Michael’s love story from the first few seasons of Jane the Virgin. This book is important to the TV show because the most recent season has followed Jane’s journey to getting the book published and finally writing a book.

While the writing was poor at times and the pacing seemed strange, I adored this book. I think I may have bias clouding my judgement on my rating of this book because the show is one of my favorites, but I truly loved it after I put it down. My heart felt full and happy because I got to relive one of my favorite love stories of all time.

From an execution standpoint, this book was so-so. The dialogue seemed forced at times and interactions between the characters was strange. From a nostalgia standpoint, Snow Falling was absolutely perfect.

This book did end up getting five out of five stars from me because of all of the feelings and thoughts I had at the end. I truly enjoyed reading this book. It made me want to rewatch the entire series and see Michael and Jane on screen again.

If you are a fan of Jane the Virgin, I do highly recommend this book! However, I feel like to people outside the fandom, this book won’t deliver for you.

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