Gotta get down on Friday… or maybe just curl up with a book.

After my Thursday, I am so grateful for how my Friday turned out. It was a calmer day at work and I ended up working from home in the afternoon so I could sign for a package I was waiting very patiently for.

Working from home is always great because I get to wear comfortable clothes and spend time with my dog (she’s incredible, by the way). I also just feel a lot more comfortable on my own than I my desk (#justintrovertthings). All of my fun work stories aside, I found today really relaxing.

My package did arrive safely and I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone X! Yes, I am typing on it right now and it’s glorious. My old phone was giving me so many problems (from my battery draining too quick to that really fun “I” glitch) so I decided to upgrade. The screen on the X is my favorite thing. It’s huge and will be great for reading ebooks.

Next positive thing about today is that my boyfriend and I saw Murder on the Orient Express tonight. It’s always really fun to go out with him and I was really excited about this movie. It was good, definitely worth a watch if you like mysteries!

The most exciting thing about today though is that the picture above was shared on an Instagram account that features pets and Book of the Month Club books. Scout gave me the hardest time with this picture, but she always manages to look the cutest. I thought that was pretty cool that it was shared, but then they credited me a free book to my BOTM account! This means next month I can get two books for the price of one. It’s a book lovers dream!

Free books, a new phone, and a date night? What a happy Friday.

For the rest of the night I’m going to bury myself in An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson. It’s my current read and it’s quite a bit of fun. Rook is a little terrifying, but I have a huge crush on him. Click here to read more about the book!

I hope everyone had happy Friday’s and is reading something great! Tell me about all of it in the comments.

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