What the hell did I just read?

Two things:

  1. It’s Monday again and I’m not happy.
  2. What the Hell Did I Just Read? is a more than fitting title for the book I just finished.

David Wong (Jason Pargin) has done it again for me. Finishing this book last night when I was feeling bummed about the work week starting again really cheered me up. Wong has written a book filled with bizarre, hilarious situations that the characters of the John Dies at the End series must deal with. Again. 

The John Dies at the End series is one of the most “what the hell” experiences I’ve ever had. It follows, mainly, David and John as they work together to fight the crazy monsters that constantly try to destroy an undisclosed town in the American mid-west. Each book gets more and more bizarre, with What the Hell Did I Just Read?: A Novel of Cosmic Horror being the most bizarre for me.

The third novel in this series follows John, David, and Amy as they work together to stop a giant bug monster from changing the very nature of the world. This giant bug monster (known as “millibutt” to the team) alters human perception of it’s larvae so that they appear to be human children in danger, making the humans in Undisclosed desperate to save it and nurture it. Of course, John and David see right through it and must destroy the larvae before the larvae can destroy Earth. Right?

I enjoyed every minute of this book, not to mention how much I’ve enjoyed the series as a whole. It’s filled with action, crazy monsters, really interesting characters, bizarre happenings, a BATMANTIS???, and, of course, butt references. This series is such a great break from the books I’ve been reading. It made me laugh out loud and truly enjoy myself while I was reading it. Wong (Pargin) does an amazing job at creating a bizarre, monster-filled sci-fi world and expertly weaves humor throughout his stories. I’ve never enjoyed myself more than when I’ve been reading one of this novels.

Overall, this book get four out of five stars from me. There were some slower parts in the middle that I felt dragged, but overall I loved this book! I highly recommend it to people who love comedic novels and sci-fi stories.

Check out my Goodreads review of this book and others here!

For more information about David Wong and the John Dies at the End Series, check out these resources:

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