My dog is cruel (not really).

The best and worst thing your pet can do to you is make you comfortable during the work week.

This morning was so hard because my dog was cuddled up next to me which made me warm and comfortable. This led to me not wanting to get up for work and being very sad when I finally had to get up. Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling with my dog. It’s probably the time I’m at my happiest, but having to leave is painful. It was even more painful because my boyfriend gets to hang out with her all day since today was his day off.

Today has been a crazy day at work. From a presentation to technical issues with our automated email programs, I’ve been running mental laps all day. Not to mention I had to deal with airport traffic so my sister could visit my mom and her future school in Memphis. This crazy day is making me really look forward to when I can go home, put on some pajamas, and get back in bed with my dog to relax.

I’d really like to finish the book I’m reading right now (What the Hell Did I Just Read: A Novel of Cosmic Horror by David Wong) because it’s hilarious and I want to get to a good start on this month of reading. I’ve loved this series (John Dies at the End) quite a bit. David Wong writes some of the most bizarre books I’ve ever read, but they’re also some of the most interesting books I’ve read. He has a very smart sense of humor and does a great job of making his characters come to life. If you like funny, sci-fi books, Wong’s books are definitely for you!

I’m also currently reading The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane since I received an electronic ARC from the published Skyscape and Two Lions through NetGalley for review. It’s pretty good so far! This book follows the story of Clementine Haas, who finds herself with a case of complete case of amnesia from a plane crash that she is the sole survivor of. Clementine feels lost and in exchange for her forgotten life begins a new one with a complete stranger, Kieran O’Connell.

I’m really looking forward to finishing both of the books and letting you guys know all about how they are and how you should probably read them, but for now… I have to get back to my day at work and hopefully finish it without going crazy.

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